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Who we are

Welcome to our sweet world of chocolate

Hello and welcome to Petite & Sweet.

I’m Laura, one of the founders. And along with my mother Toni, we strive to share our knowledge of chocolate. Ever since I was a little girl I have had a love for all things sweet, and cooking is a particular passion of mine, having been taught by my mum from a young age.
We both adore chocolate and building a business around such a delicious product seemed like the perfect thing to do. It is such a fantastic and versatile medium to work with, from making bars to hand-piping lollies .
To share our passion and knowledge we run workshops, parties teaching those around our basic skills in the art of chocolatiering. And in addition we sell lolly making kits in our online store, our kits contain everything you need to make lollies in your own home.


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