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Welcome to our crazy world of all things chocolate!

Hi i’m Laura, one half of Petite & Sweet, i will be updating you on the crazy day to day life in a handcrafted chocolate company. This blog is for anyone who loves chocolate and all things sweet and tasty. Through recipes, hints and tips and general updates of our progress, i hope to inspire you all to have a go at home, chocolate really isn’t as scary to work with as it seems.

Now i’ll start at the beginning. ‘Who are you?’ i hear you ask. I’m Laura and i am one of the directors of Petite & Sweet, i work alongside my mum, Toni (the less computer literate and camera shy, but creative one). Chocolate has always been a passion of ours, so setting up Petite & Sweet seemed like a natural progression, after all we often start our days off with a certain nutty chocolate spread on our toast or a handful of those malty chocolate balls all swilled down with a huge steaming mug of tea. So why shouldn’t we carry on the chocolate theme through out our day. A day full of chocolate! What more could a girl want?
Of course there is a lot of the boring grown-up stuff in-between but with this blog i aim to share all of the fun with you. In this blog you will find my experiences of trying out new recipes, some of our ‘old faithfuls’ and hopefully give you some techniques for working with chocolate for you to follow.

Both Toni and I trained as chocolatiers under chocolate Master Mark Tilling, winner of Great British Bake Off’s Creme de la Creme. We started off learning how to make chocolate wedding cakes, followed by a course on tempering chocolate, moulding chocolate and working with the medium of chocolate in various other forms. We really only went on the original chocolate wedding cake course as a bit of fun, a girls trip in the hope we might improve our baking skills along the way. Having loved the chocolate wedding cake course so much we booked into the next chocolatiering course available.

On our way home from the second course we decided a career in chocolate may be the way forward, after having a play with flavours and force feeding multiple samples to our family and friends we hit the road, targeting our local farm-shops first. We were given very good feedback about our flavours and decided to go ahead with creating a brand for ourselves.

The name Petite & Sweet came about through a family joke, one of our family members suggested that we called the company Petite & Sweet but that perhaps Sour & Large would be more suiting, the name began to stick and we soon realised that the majority of our products would fit into the petite and sweet category. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with the designers we agreed on a brand image, we wanted our chocolate to look like an instant pick-up gift, the perfect thing to take to a dinner party to thank your host or to give to granny for looking after the dog while you were away. And i hope we have achieved that! From the remarks we get about our packaging i think we have.

I very much hope you enjoy our blog and that each post might make you that little bit more interested to have a go.


LJ x

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