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Chocolate Making Demonstration

Chocolate Making Demonstration

I have to admit i was a little reluctant to do a chocolate making demonstration, sure we have run multiple chocolate making courses for all ages but the thought of both Toni and I talking chocolate being the sole entertainment for an hour or so in front of the locals was very daunting! Surely we aren’t that interesting!

We were asked by a very lovely lady in the village if we could do a demonstration on what we do at Petite & Sweet, the Baylham village Church was becoming a little unkept and needed some vital treatment for woodworm so they intended to use this as an event as a fundraiser, as suckers for community spirit of course we agreed, little did i know at this point i would have to make my first radio appearance! (Terrifying)

Ok so it wasn’t as bad as i’d made it out to be in my head, I was on the Lesley Dolphin show on BBC Radio Suffolk, this is my grandparents radio station of choice, i knew i couldn’t turn the offer down, if i wasn’t going to do it for the business i had to do it for them, I knew Nanny would be ecstatic to hear me, which of course she was! Number One fan, she even has an ever-so cringe but i suppose, cute, shrine on the fridge of my newspaper features. Lesley was a dream interviewer making me feel very relaxed and prompting me in the places i stumbled, i wont be rushing back for another radio interview but it was much more enjoyable than expected.

Toni & I turned up at the Baylham Village hall to set up for our demonstration and were delighted to see there were already eager faces sat waiting, ready for us to begin. I can breathe again, we aren’t going to be talking to a bunch of empty seats. Many of the lovely villagers had also brought cakes along, which were to be given out free with Teas and Coffee at the end, someone also brought some very impressive huge fruit scones, with cream and jam! My favourite!! The day was looking up.

We spoke about how to temper chocolate using your standard equipment at home (I think this might be one of my next blogs!), showed how to make chocolate roses, chocolate fans and decorative lattices using a frozen marble board, we then went on to demonstrate various different ways of making chocolate truffles. We offered the spectators the opportunity to come up and have a go, at first we had lots of shy faces looking at us, but slowly one by one the confidence grew and many people came up and made a chocolate rose, one adorable little girl even made a chocolate heart to take home to her mummy.

When the demonstration came to an end i was delighted to receive enquiries from multiple people about purchasing ingredients and materials so that they could have a go at home! My work here is done! If i have inspired even just one person to go an have a play with chocolatehttp://devis a saturday afternoon well spent. Now for a glass of wine (or three) with the girls!


Petite & Sweet’s, Toni preparing for the demonstration

Here includes a cocoa pod brought back all the way from the dominican Republic by Toni

Delicious scones made by one of the villagers

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